Nutrition and Diabetes

Calories in vs Calories out: not the whole story (weight loss management) 

"Weight is not just about calories in versus calories out, and blaming yourself for failing to lose weight is neither helpful nor based on facts. Research has revealed at least five little-known factors that may play a part in controlling your weight." Other factos that can affect your weight include intestinal bacteria, metabolic rate, insulin function, environmental chemicals and stress. To learn more about how you can control these components to lose weight, read the article below. 


Exercise and Diabetes 

American Diabetes Association: What we recommend 

In order to manage diabetes, exercise must be a key part of your daily life. The two main ways to exercise that will lower blood sugar levels are aerobic exercise and strength training. Both these forms of exercise allow your body to become more sensitive to insulin which thus reduces the blood sugar level. For optimal management of diabetes through exercise, such physical activity should be done a few times a week. To learn more about what physical activity the American Diabetes association recommends, read the article below.


Prevention of Hypertension

Exercise for preventing hypertension 

Hypertension and its many serious complications can easily be avioded through one simple trick: EXERCISE! New research shows that implementing exercise into your lifestyle can be one of the easiest ways to control or decrease hypertension. The FITT (Frequency, Intensity, Time, Type) principle of exercise prevention is the main way that hypertension can be overcome. To learn more about this reseach and how exercise therapy can lower blood pressure levels, read the article below.